Alarm Systems & Gas Detection

MIPS also offers a range of both medical and industrial gas alarm systems. We can supply medical plant alarms capable of providing management teams with fault identification and detection at source, gas detection monitoring systems, industrial alarm panels, and local area alarm panels for local teams. We stock both SA6 and SDX15 alarm panels and can design bespoke gas detection and alarm systems, as well as retro-engineer a new system into existing structures.

Whether you need a site-specific gas leak alarm or a full, bespoke gas pipeline leak detection system, MIPS can provide you with the security you need of a robust gas detection and monitoring alarm system.

Medical Alarm Systems: From monitoring a single ward with a local area alarm panel, to monitoring a full medical campus, MIPS has the knowledge and capability to ensure customer-specific products are available to our clients.

Industrial Alarm Systems: MIPS offers a full range of industrial alarm products to our clients including specialist Zenner barrier alarms for flammable and explosive gasses and knife-edge terminals based on client preference.

Remote Monitoring: Remote Monitoring by way of SMS alert is just one of the additional features our clients are offered to efficiently utilise their Building Management Systems (BMS) facilities.

Contact us to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff for advice on our full range of alarm or gas detection systems and how we can create a highly reliable design solution to install or integrate for you.