Nitrogen Generators

MIPS is proud to be able to offer clients throughout Ireland nitrogen generators from the world-renowned German company Inmatec. With a range of products suitable for a wide variety of scenarios, from medical to veterinary to industrial, MIPS can work with you to ensure the best, most effective solution for your needs.

We supply and install a number of nitrogen generator options. From the more cost-effective generators to larger, more complex, fully-integrated ultra-pure nitrogen generators, with continual analysis, measurement and monitoring of all operating values which are logged and displayed on a touch control panel. A residual oxygen analysis measurement provides information about the nitrogen content produced. Data is available for further processing via the remote control operation and can be monitored and operated from any computer or work station in the world.

MIPS is able to provide clients with an end-to-end service encompassing bespoke design, installation, testing and commissioning of gas generation systems.

Our nitrogen generators produce nitrogen from 0,40 Nm³/h – 84,000 Nm³/h and nitrogen purity from 95% to 99,9999% (6.0) / 1 ppm (residual oxygen).

The core benefits of an Inmatec generator supplied and fitted by MIPS are:

  • Nitrogen at any time and in any place
  • Economical due to low operating costs
  • Sophisticated and reliable technology
  • Exact purity for every application
  • User-friendly, robust controls
  • Programmable control with nitrogen measurement, low maintenance stainless steel valve technology, long-life activated carbon molecular sieve
  • Minimal CO2 pollution to the environment
  • No long-term rental conditions
  • Bespoke solutions, CAD designs and technical drawings for plant room or containerised solutions.

MIPS also supplies Inmatec’s series of nitrogen generators with novel flow technology combined with innovative vortex technology which increases the efficiency of the PSA technology. Consequently, when nitrogen molecules are separated from oxygen molecules, significantly more nitrogen is produced with lower compressed air requirements. This saves energy and lowers costs.

Additional options:

  • Input and output filtration
  • Long-term data storage
  • Remote management
  • Self-cleaning “Auto Pure” system
  • Enrichment with hydrogen via the NKat system
  • Programmable control system
  • Special volume-controlled technology optimises the cycle times of N2 generation
  • Generation of ultrapure nitrogen (6.0) at low cost and with full control of all operating values
  • A touch control panel that can be used to take a reading of the recorded nitrogen purity and output pressure at any time
  • State-of-the-art remote control technology for a seamless process
  • Remote access also allows the generator to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.

Nitrogen Generators with Hydrogen Catalyst:

Inmatec has introduced a new series of generators that combine their proven PAN technology (Power As Needed) with the advantages of a hydrogen catalyst for further energy optimisation.

The notion gained from the PAN generator is fortified with very low quantities of hydrogen. In the catalyst, the hydrogen reacts with the remaining oxygen of the nitrogen. Through this newly developed INMATEC process, nitrogen can be produced with much smaller air compressors.

These systems provide ultra-high purity nitrogen at an extremely low cost. The reason for this is the combination of an energy-efficient nitrogen generator and an innovative hydrogen catalyst.

Mounted on a compact platform with two N2 product vessels, easy installation on site is thus ensured. Immediate commissioning of the system is possible without any prior knowledge thanks to automatic purging.

The IMT PNC nitrogen generator features novel flow technology combined with innovative vortex technology to ensure increased PSA technology efficiency. As a result, less compressed air is needed to separate the nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules.

The nitrogen obtained via the NKAT system is enriched with a small amount of hydrogen before being purified in the catalyst. This increases the N2 purity of 2.5, produced cost-effectively, to 5.0 or 6.0 as per requirements.

Using the IMT PN KomPact allows you to produce ultra-high purity nitrogen directly on-site with much smaller air compressors and very low energy costs.

Additional Features in this range:

  • Air factor from 2.9
  • Lower compressed air requirement and power savings of up to 50%
  • No CO2 pollution to the environment
  • Plug and play system – ready for immediate use
  • Increased efficiency, low-maintenance design
  • Minimal floor space required and easy handling
  • NKAT technology
  • Extremely low power and compressed air consumption
  • Industry 4.0 standard
  • Continuous measuring of the N2 purity and the outlet pressure
  • No rental commitment for cylinders, bundles or tank systems
  • Trend displays and recipe management
  • Data back-up
  • Remote querying and control
  • Email alarm

Compact EcoTube Solution:

MIPS can supply and install Inmatec’s range of new generation energy-efficient tubes, combined with advanced block-valve technology for cost-effective on-site nitrogen generation. The EcoTube series separates the nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules with up to 45% less compressed air required, therefore significantly reducing your energy usage and costs.

The EcoTube features a residual oxygen analysis measurement that provides information about the nitrogen purity produced and the outlet pressure. The logged data can be read out at any time via the easy-to-use touch control panel.

The modular design enables maximum flexibility and tailor-made solutions for every customer. Customers can have the advantage of continuous measurement and monitoring of operating values utilising different sensors. An easy-to-use touch control panel allows access to the logged data at any time and the remote monitoring box makes access and control possible from any location via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of An EcoTube Solution:

  • Touch control panel with nitrogen measurement
  • Low maintenance stainless steel valve technology
  • Input and output filtration
  • Long-term data storage

Inmatec Generators with Membrane Technology

In addition to the wide range of nitrogen generators MIPS can supply and fit, we also offer a further option for stationary and mobile nitrogen production. Through the patented memory technology in compact and space-saving construction, small to medium quantities of nitrogen can be produced for the most varied areas of application at low compressed air supply.

Core Benefits of Inmatec Membrane Technology

  • Constant high quality of N2
  • Continually assured availability
  • Low installation costs
  • Safe and simple operation
  • All handling costs are associated with handling gas cylinders or bundles
  • No safety risks when handling cylinders
  • Plug & play design so the system can be used immediately
  • High-quality IMT hollow-fibre membrane
  • Minimal/No CO2 pollution for the environment

The IMT MN product line also offers the possibility to produce nitrogen for the most varied areas of application with proven membrane technology and compact construction, as well as low compressed air supply.

The touch control panel continually measures and monitors all operating values. All measured values are logged and can be further processed or even remote-controlled from any computer workstation in the world.

Further Benefits of Upgraded Options:

  • Pressure dew point
  • Optional flow measurement
  • Industry 4.0 standard
  • No rental commitments as with bottles/bundles and tank systems

With INMATEC control technology and networking technology, our engineers can access the facilities worldwide at any time to query operating statuses, determine possible causes of faults and initiate fault remedying measures where necessary.

High Performance & High Quality

A MIPS assembly will be supplied to EU pharmacopoeia 01/2008 1247 and all relevant certification will be provided upon completion.

With direct on-site nitrogen generation using nitrogen generator plants from MIPS, not only could you make savings of 20-30% by switching to generated nitrogen, but also remove your reliance on third-party suppliers, transportation costs, cylinders and possible supply shortages.

Whatever your gas requirement MIPS would be happy to discuss with you the best solution for a reliable, efficient gas generator for your facility. Please use the Contact us form or call the team on + 353 (0) 1 825 0677.