MIPS maintains over 5,000 parts in stock, from manifolds and terminal units to laboratory gas accessories from a various manufacturers, so we are able to respond quickly to our customers’ requirements.

All of our industrial products comply with BCGA guidelines and all of our medical products adhere to HTM 02-01 and ISO 7396-1 specifications.

Gas Generators

We can offer clients top-of-the-range nitrogen generators with a self-cleaning ability and Nitrogen purity levels from 95% to 99.999%.

In addition, we can also provide bespoke solutions to clients’ medical oxygen needs with purity levels up to 95%, which is in excess of European Pharmacopeia guidelines. Our team can calculate the necessary output requirements and produce a CAD-designed plant room or containerised solution.

Medical Gas Ancillary Equipment

We are the sole agents for Technologie Medicale of France for the supply of medical flowmeters, suction controllers and collection jars and other ancillary equipment throughout Ireland.

Oxygen Therapy

MIPS supply a range of devices that are used to adjust and measure the flow of gas being delivered to patients through the respiratory tract such as flowmeters and pressure regulators.


We also supply a selection of devices to measure and adjust the vacuum level of medical suction such as suction controllers and collection jars, and Portable or Mobile Suction Trollies.

Rail and Accessories

MIPS supplies various fixtures used to hang medical devices and furniture such as storage baskets, catheter baskets, shelves and drawer units.

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